Monday, October 6, 2014

Early October.

I had a great time hunting over the last five days. I have watched five beautiful sunrises. I never see a sunrise in my everyday life. I am at work hours before the world wakes up. I hunted two days alone, one day with Angie one day with Thomas, and one day with Kyle. I enjoy hunting with friends as well as hunting alone. I only hunted one day for ducks. I will wait until the mosquitoes die and it isn't too hot to walk out to the places I like to hunt before I hunt them again. It is more fun when the ducks are pretty. Right now many of them are still in their ugly eclipse phase. The nice thing about waterfowl in Utah is that there are 107 days. there is plenty of time to get after them.
On our upland hunts Sunnie was consistent throughout. She makes a few rookie mistakes at times and still bumps more birds than I am happy with but she gets a little better each time out. She is solid with stop to flush and solid and beautiful on point. I am very proud of Angie's two year old. She is going to have a great season.
Tic started rough, and acted as though it was his first season. He was bumping birds it is like he couldn't smell anything. He is like that every year. True to form, he woke up the last two days and was spectacular. He had dead to rights points on multiple Chukar, Huns, and Sharptails. I must admit I was starting to lose faith. I am glad I stuck with him and gave him a bunch of one on one time. I was tempted to leave him in the crate for the other dog many times. I'm glad I did I'm excited for the rest of the season over my now five year old friend.
I is great to be back in my world for the first time this season, and I am grateful for the opportunities that are afforded to me. I am seeing many more birds than last season at this time. It is going to be a great year!

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